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Ashton College offers students comprehensive accommodation placement service to suit students’ needs, including Homestay Accommodation, Temporary Accommodation and Shared Accommodation.

Client Information Handbook

Before arriving in Melbourne to study the course, it is necessary that you stay informed with some important information.
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Accommodation Options


Ashton College offers students a comprehensive accommodation placement service to suit their needs, including Homestay Accommodation, Temporary Accommodation and Shared Accommodation.

Homestay accommodation provides you opportunities to experience Australian family life and to improve your English language skills and get the most out of your travel and study experience by living with an Australian family and experiencing their lifestyle first hand. Homestay hosts’ lifestyles are very diverse as Australia is a multi-cultural country -, we come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. You will live in comfortable, clean and spacious homes. Usually Homestay Accommodation is located no more than 30 – 40 minutes travel time by public transport from Ashton College, and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) during the week and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on weekends will be included in the Homestay.

We can arrange an inexpensive bed and breakfast style hotel or a budget hostel on your arrival, if you are stikk deciding on the accommodation you prefer. Generally, the hotel price is about $130 per night for single person or $100 for budget hostel. Once in Ashton College, you can visit our Student Services Office to meet our staff to get further advice on your accommodation options.

In Shared Accommodation, you can live with other classmates or friends in an apartment, unit or house and you can be more independent and flexible. Usually, you pay rent for your room, pay a share of the utility bills (gas, electricity, telephone, internet and other cost.), buy your own food and do your own cooking. After your arrival we can provide advice on how you can look for shared accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Ashton College provides various courses throughout its four campuses in the Melbourne Metropolis including English courses, Certificate 3 & Certificate 4 courses, diploma courses, short courses and personal development courses. Please click here to find our courses available to international students.

Ashton College does not provide scholarships to international students. But as an international student, you can apply for a number of scholarships to study in Australia. Most of the scholarships are available through the Australian Government. You could visit the website of Scholarships to study in Australia and Government Funded Scholarships (Non-Australian) to find more useful information.

In Ashton College, the General English and EAP English courses will have a class intake in each month. For all other courses, please click here to view our recent intake dates.

Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) is a health insurance that provides cover for the costs for medical treatment, hospital care, pharmaceuticals and emergency ambulance transport which international students may require while in Australia. If you come to Ashton College on a student visa, you are required to purchase an OSHC as part of your visa conditions. Ashton College will help you to apply for OSHC with your enquiry.

To be granted a student visa you must satisfy the visa requirements. It is also important to comply with a number of visa conditions to avoid visa cancellation.

Ashton College does not offer migration related advice. For information relating to student visas and visa requirements, please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website.

Ashton College will help international students to choose from a number of different accommodation options when arriving in Melbourne. The various accommodation types will include Homestay; Hotels, Motels and Budget Accommodation; and Shared Rental Accommodations.

Australia has strict customs and quarantine laws which do not allow you to bring a variety of animal, farm and wildlife products here. These include most unprocessed animal products, agricultural products (cereals, fruits, honey, dairy products), any item which can carry diseases, insects and other pests, wildlife and products made from skins, feathers, bones, shells or ivory. You will be responsible for every item you bring with you. Please visit the official website of Australian Customs and Border Protection Services to find more information in multi-languages.

Other Information for Students