Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Online Study

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Online study 

At Ashton College, we don’t want our students to miss out on their studies as a result of COVID-19. We want our students to continue their education journey as best they can, in a world that’s rapidly changing. 

We understand this is a very challenging and uncertain time for everyone, particularly for those who are far from home and away from their loved ones. 

We are committed to supporting our students and will continue to do so as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Studying during Lockdown

Students must study ONLINE from home throughout the lockdown period. Ashton College provides student portal, services and resources to help you study remotely through the learning management system. 

There are however some areas of study that are permitted to come to campus at this time. Administration or trainers will contact students this applies to. 

Authorised staff and students are still required to carry permits and photo identification (such as their ID card) on campus, and when travelling for home/work/study.

For more information about the learning management system, you can contact your trainer. You can also contact for IT Support to help get you set up and connected, ready for online study via email to admin@ashtoncollege.edu.au.  

A reminder of Ashton College’s COVID Safe practices – if you test positive

You must notify Ashton College if you have tested positive for COVID-19 and attended any of campuses in the week prior. If you are a student, please contact Administration at Ashton College via admin@ashtoncollege.edu.au. If you need academic support, please contact your trainer and admin staff as mentioned in your timetable. If you are a staff member, contact the office at info@ashtoncollege.edu.au

Exposure sites

If you have or you know of a Ashton College staff member, student or contractor who has either attended an exposure site or tested positive for COVID-19, you must contact the administration via admin@ashtoncollege.edu.au and wait for their advice before taking further action, for example communicating with others.

It is important you frequently check the Victorian Government’s list of exposure sites and follow the Department of Health’s advice if you attended one of these sites.

Stay home if you are feeling unwell, even with mild symptoms, or if you are awaiting test results or have been instructed to isolate by the Department of Health.

If you have any questions, please contact the admin team via admin@ashtoncollege.edu.au or ring us at 03 9349 2344. 

When you are on-campus

If you are attending the campus, please ensure the health and safety of our community and understand cleaning, safety and physical distancing requirements.

All staff and students must check in by scanning the Victorian Government QR Code each time they visit campus. This is a government requirement and supports contact tracing efforts.

There is one QR Code per campus, QR Code posters can be found at building entrances.

Manual check-in is also available by the Service Victoria app. If you are unable to check-in via your mobile device, a fellow student or colleague can check-in for you using the Service Victoria app.  

Face masks

As of 11.59pm on Tuesday 27 July 2021, the Victorian Government requires face masks to be worn in all indoor and outdoor settings, unless an exemption applies. Examples of exemptions include trainers while they are teaching and a person working by themselves in an office. Please ensure that you are carrying a fitted face mask with you at all times and wearing it in line with current government directives.

Visit the Department of Health and Human Services for more information on the different types of face masks, how to wear your face mask, guidelines around reusing face masks and the best way to remove your face mask.

Clean as you go

The college will regularly clean the premises. However, cleaning products and signage will be provided for students and staff so that you can ‘clean as you go’ at your discretion.

Disinfectant sprays, paper towels and sanitisers will be available for you to use at your discretion across the campus. Sprays and paper towels can be used to wipe surfaces you touch such as desks, benches and chairs. 

It is recommended that staff and/or students clean shared items or surfaces before and after activities. Activities include theory classes, workshops and practical classes.

Cleaning is recommended prior to using or touching furniture and fittings of an area or equipment used for an activity. If the furniture or equipment is shared and used by multiple parties during the activity, cleaning is recommended prior to being used by the next party.

Physical distancing

Ensure a distance of at least 1.5 metres is kept between yourself and others wherever possible. A number of computers and seats may be marked ‘not in use’ to help ensure physical distancing. 

Capacity limits in rooms

To comply with limits on the number of people that can be in a room or area, the spaces where there are limits will be signed to let you know how many people can be there. Please make sure the number of people in the room or area does not exceed the capacity limit.

Minimise the risks to our community:

Stay home if you’re feeling sick, even with milder symptoms like a fever or cough

Practice proper hand hygiene by regularly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Alcohol based sanitiser has also been provided at various locations around campus.

Cover your cough and sneeze and put your used tissue in the rubbish bin. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbows.

Where do I go for Support? 

Please contact the relevant Ashton College departments for any further enquiries: 

Alternatively, you can call us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 03 9349 2344, 9349 2488.