Ashton English Study Tours are an amazing way for you to learn English and experience the Australian culture. Study Tours combine educational programs with activities and excursions that allow students to meet Australian people, experience local culture and history, and interact with our unique wildlife and environment.

Why Choose Ashton English Study Tours?

Ashton English will customise a Study Tour to suit your specific needs based on the following:

  •  You can choose your own activities and excursions
  • Available to both small and large groups
  • Visits to Melbourne Schools, Colleges and Universities are available
  • Ashton English offers study tours to both student and teachers
  • Excellent value for money
  • We offer assistance with the entire process of booking and arranging of your stay in Australia
  • Full Australian cultural immersion secured through tailored program
  • Airport Pickup
  • Caring homestay accommodation
  • High level of support and care
  • Interpreters are available if required
  • Lots of activities, excursions and lots of picture opportunities
  • Graduation Ceremony and certificate of completion