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PTE Academic is a widely recognised test of English as it is designed for students intending to study at an English-speaking university or a part of visa application. The exam is flexible in terms of exam dates and results are generally generated in about 5 business days. It provides a precise measure of international students’ communication skills in an academic context.
PTE Academic is recognised and accepted by organisations around the world. In Australia it is accepted by all universities and colleges, and by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for student and skilled visa applications.

Listening – You will develop a wide range of listening skills to improve overall comprehension, understand specific information to summarise a text, fill in blanks and respond to multiple choice questions. You will also learn to write from diction.
Reading – You will learn to use a wide range of reading skills to help you respond to a variety of texts.
Writing – You will learn to structure and organise your writing more clearly and coherently.
Speaking – You will learn to develop your speaking skill at a natural rate, using correct stress, rhythm and intonation.
Test-Taking Strategies – You will be exposed to several mock PTE Academic tests throughout your course to prepare you to perform better in the different integrated tasks within the PTE test.

6 C2 Level 5 85-90
5.5-5.9 C1 115-120 8-9 Level 4 81-84
5.0-5.4 C1 110-114 8-9 Level 4 76-80
4.5-4.9 B2 99-109 7.5 Level 3 68-75
4.0-4.4 B2 87-98 7 Level 3 59-67
3.5-3.9 B1 57-86 5.5-6.5 Level 2 43-58
3.0-3.4 A2 44-56 5 Level 1 36-42
2.5-2.9 A2 32-43 4.5 Level 30-35
2.0-2.4 A1 26-31 4 26-29
1.5-1.9 A1 21-25 3 22-25 A1 14-20 2 18-21
0.5-0.9 A1 7-13 1 14-17
0.0-0.4 A1 0-6 0 10-13

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