“The course aims to prepare students with the necessary study and research skills
to succeed in further education.”


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Students must complete an entry level test before enrolling in the General English course, be 18 years and above who have satisfactorily completed year 11 or equivalent.

Successful completion of this course may have access to ELICOS English for Academic Purposes for further studies and may assist with gaining employment.

  • Learn written and spoken English for everyday situations;
  • Communicate with people in the classroom and in real situations on class excursion projects;
  • Learn to speak and write accurately, fluently and clearly;
  • Extend your vocabulary and continue to develop cross-cultural communication skills;
  • Use English to help you enjoy living, working, or travelling in Australia.
Week Topic Language Focus Assessment Task
Week 1 Globalisation Continuous Verb forms Listening – Students listen to a dialogue and complete multiple choice questions
Week 2 Emotions Perfect verb forms Reading – Students are given 20 Questions to answer in a set time
Week 3 How to behave Modals and related verbs Speaking – Students are given a list of 5 topics and have to debate 2 of them in pairs
Week 4 Mind, body and spirit Adjective and adverbs Writing – Students have to write a 250 – 300 word argumentative essay
Week 5 Learning for life Passive forms Grammar Test – Students are given an Online Grammar test to complete
Week 6 Discussing Money Time phrases and tenses Listening – Students listen to a lecture and complete gap-fill
Week 7 Living together Infinitives and -ing forms Reading – Students are given 20 Questions to answer in a set time
Week 8 Art and style Adverbs and auxiliaries Writing – 50 word compare and contrast essay based on negotiated topic area
Week 9 21st Century Lifestyles Future forms Speaking – Students have to make a 10 minute presentation [using PowerPoint] about a future invention
Week 10 Truth and lies Noun phrases, eliipsis and substitution  All skills – Students [in groups] i have to carry out a survey on a negotiated topic

Assessments will incorporate a range of tasks that includes transactional speech through role-plays, listening for details, presenting topics of relevance and creating various formatted text.


Carmela Diaz
Carmela DiazEnglish Teacher
Has experience in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in an ELICOS setting. As a teacher and tutor in the Victorian Secondary School system she has worked with EAL students aged 13-18.